Friday, November 14, 2008


Hey Dudes and Divas,

So the OBAMA haters have been very hard at work. I have been trying to post Obama info since the Wednesday after the election and the site would not let me. IDK but it seems a little fishy to me. So, as you can see I'm still trying to get it in there anyway I can. It is really crazy the post it just stuck in limbo. Every time I try to post it, it freezes my computer.

OK so in the world of Music. Mrs. B. Carter is coming out with New Music next week. Double CD even.. What do think about that... I actually like both of the new singles. So What maybe I'm bias Mrs. B. Carter can do no real wrong in my eyes. She is Mr. Swaggerific him self's BOO. Don't want to get on his wrong side. LOL..

Really, they are one of the FLYEST couples out. They are the new Will and Jada even though Will and Jada haven't gone anywhere. They are the #1 FLYEST Couple.

Black Love is Wonderful. It maybe the Smiths and the Carters are the IT couples you don't get no better that these two.

LOL. Tell me what you think. Will and Jada vs. Jay and Beyonce... They both win in my Book. LOL. Since it's my Blog that makes me right. LMAO!


Ladies we have to learn to let down out guard just a little and ease up on the guys if I guy is trying and really feeling you give him a chance. Success without someone to Share it with and Love is Nothing if not Lonely.

Don't Settle though. This is KEY!
Know who you are as a Women, Play your role, Make a life for yourself, remain Positive and stay Prayerful and that man who compliments you will be placed in your midst. Sometimes just have to open our EYES and get cold (the distractions that taking up space in your life) out to what you really have.

Trust Me I am taking My Own advice too!

Sharing, Love, and Success are really Something precious and not to be taken for granted.
Live a Purpose Driven and Passionate Life. That type of Life come with Happiness already attached you don't have to go looking for it.


Ms. Mil

P.S.- Check me out on "Sounds of the Diaspora"- Friday Nights 9-11pm on

I have a Lifestyle segment on the show. Talking about places to shop, beautified, and hang out at on both the East and West Coast. Shout Out to African Herbs Man and AKA 1st Class for asking me to do it.

Let me know what you think...

Monday, November 3, 2008

All Things Fly...

Hey Dudes and Divas,

I have been crazy swampped so this week starts multiple post hope you enjoy. I will be talking about things happening int he industry and all things fashion as usual. It will not cater to the bashing or disrespecting of one another but to the encouragement of all. NO Gossip here only facts. "State the Truth Always" is the Moto.

Let me know what you think af all the new items to be added to the blog. If you don't like that s kool let me know what you would like to see and talk about. Hope you like!!!

Ok So One Weekend Highlight Was....

BLACK GIRLS ROCK 3rd Annual Awards

Beverly Bond, Founder of Black Girlls Rock and Famed DJ showed off her style on the carpet.

The Always beautiful Kenya Moore was in attendance.

As was THE Stylista herself Mrs. June Ambrose.

These ladies will always show you how it show be doone when going to an event. Ladies keep it classy and sexy. They bring the hotness everytime.

On to Fashion...


Ms. Mil