Thursday, July 31, 2008

Meat & Potatoes

Hey Dudes and Divas,

I hope you all enjoyed the latest Fashion added to the page.

OK, So MEN really need to get their stuff together and Stop trying to Be Captain Save and Chick or Ho.

Why is that a Young, Smart, Beautiful, Independent, Fashionable, Single woman can not just be dating but must have some longing desired to be Taken Care of by any man no matter the age.

I'm sorry bump that I'm not going to apologize for being the person I am. I like just kicking it with Dudes/Men. This is usually when I have nothing else to do and feel to be bothered with the nonsense they sometime bring. Then it is kool.

Other than that if I don't open my mouth to ask you for something like a Relationship. Please don't try to Bogart your way in. Get to know Me First. Then if in conversation I mention to you that a Relationship is something I'm looking for then proceed with your plans on trying to to see what happens. Get in where you fit IN.

Not Every Female Is looking to B Rescued from LIFE. Yes, I might say it in joking but TRUST I LOVE knowing that I have it in me through God to get the JOB done. I love my independence and would like to be in a real relationship in which we are equals and compliment each other. Some Females want someone they can grow with, build with, and have a mutual understanding of each other's needs and both are will to work at fulfilling what he/she can to make the other person HAPPY! This works only if we know our roles in the relationship and I allow that man to be a Man. My independence takes nothing away from that but adds to it.

I am the UPGRADE and Can UPGRADE You.

It is about compromise and hard work to be in a relationship and is not something that should be taken lightly. So, yes I choose to be alone right now. I have a lot of things I'm working on and One of them is being a better person and if you can't understand that then you are not someone I want to have a Relationship with anyway. Not saying if the right person came along I would say No to a relationship but a relationship does Not Define Who I am.

The Man that understands all of this is willing to continue being my friend until the time is right. He doesn't see my Independence as a threat but yet an Insurance Policy that if for any reason something were to happen I would know how to handle and take care of things.

Be the Best women you can be and Strive for More and God will send that Man who is of the same or similar accord to You.

Also, Don't Look because the Bible says "He who finds a wife finds a Treasure" Proverbs 18:22 (NLT)

Be that Treasure,
Ms. Mil

P. S.- That "Up Grade U" song isn't just for entertainment there are women/men out there like that. It is about the complimenting of One Another.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fashion Is As Fashion Does...

Hey Dudes and Divas,

Congratulations to Italian Vogue for the All Black July Issue which recently hit news stands in the US. They have already sold out in major cities. Conde Nast the publishing group behind Vogue to immediately press up another 40,000 copies to be shipped within the week to help with the high demand.

If you haven't seen it yet definitely check it out. Tocarra has a spread in there and many others you might be interested in. It is not on just any newsstand. They have to sell international magazines.

Also, Congrats to Jay Z for gracing the cover of L'Uomo Vouge July Issue which is the Italian Men's Vogue. The last rapper to grace the cover was Snoop in Dec '07.

We as a people are making history in the Fashion World There was a time when they thought we didn't sell magazines. Now they can see we are to be recognized for being the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE that We are.

OK, now to the reason why you came today... My Picks... Let me know what you think...

Ms. Mil

Friday, July 25, 2008


Hey Dudes and Divas,

Thank God It's FRIDAY!!!!!!

I had the most insane week ever. I'm happy I'm still standing! Amen...

So, I don't know if ya'll like TV Drama's but " Mad Men" starts back on Sunday on AMC (what a good show. Check it out)

I should have a pretty quite weekend. Not doing too much. Big "Cartel" BBQ tomorrow.

After that chill out and relax. No more studying for that crazy math class. I had to withdraw from it. I was not doing good at all.

Think I might take it easy and watch some movies this weekend and get ready for Guatemala in 2 weeks.

I'm thinking about getting a weave for the fall a nice long one. What do you think? Something like this one...

If anyone knows about any great things to do during the weekend let me know. I'm looking to meet new people.

OK, so do People no longer have real Goals? It seems like everyone is waiting for a handout of some sort. It is the craziest thing to realize that.

What do guys/girls look for in a mate? If not someone who is attractive, ambitious, and respectful. Just for starters.

Without Goals could you really be Ambitious? I'm dumb founded by the number of people I meet nowadays who don't have any sort of aspiration except to just B.

People we really have to do better. We need to LEAD by example.

1. Set Goals even if it is just something to do for the day. (Have to start somewhere)
2. Once you start it is mind blowing you will start to realize something different about yourself take it all in.
3. WRITE it down. When you write it now it make it more solid and real.

Take a minute and sit and think about what you would like to Give and Get out of this Life.
Just know Your Talents and Gifts are Not for U but to be Shared with All.

OK just wanted to help some folks who might not have ever thought about it.

Now Something about Me...

I love to laugh
I try not to take myself too serious (Doesn't always work)
I love to Eat (As If U Didn't Already Know)

Not much just a lil bit...

If the People around you are bringing you down or holding you back, Let them go!

Ms. Mil

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hey Dudes & Divas,

I have so much going on right now that it's literally stressing me out.

If anyone else is feeling the strain I will say stay in heavy pray and listen to this song. Also, speak to someone who will be positive and offer Good Advice (that's what I did Thanks RED). Check Out Marvin Sapp's " Never Could Have Made It"- I had troble adding it to the page.

Take a moment today to Thank the People you care about for being there. Please don't take anything or anyone for Granted. Those in our lives are here because they have been placed here to play that exact role of being just who they are in our lives.

Know that NO matter what happens "If someone is able to what out of your LIFE they are NOT Essential to Your Destiny" - Bishop Bronner Aug 2007

That is for those whom have left and we tried to HOLD on to SO HARD. We can not make someone do something they are not ready Mentally, Physically or Emotionally to do.

It is not our job to make people who we want them to be.

We can talk to we are BLUE in the face but we do better by leading by example. You be Better and It will make the next person want to be better until we are all better people.

If we put GOD First and Live accordingly and work hard the Blessings will Flow our WAY!

Put in what you expect to get out and U will at some point just be Patient. Rom 8:28

Always Love Yourself because if you don't no other Human will (God Loves us too)

OK. I'm done. Hope this helps someone it sure helped me. I wasn't joking this is my therapy.

Ms. Mil

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Wishlist 08!!!

Hey Divas,

OMGosh!!!! I know... Close Your Mouth Hope U Enjoy My List. I wasn't joking when I said FLY Shoes and Bags!!!!

OK so before we get into the List the NYC was on FIRE today 95 degrees. OMGosh so HOT. OK now on to the list.

Tell me what you think...

Oh Yeah, By the way I LOVE all things Gucci so don't HATE!. LOL.

(I will accept anyone of these for my upcoming BDAY, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Gift... LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hope this List helped for Fall fashion Ideas!

Ms. Mil