Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey Dudes and Divas,

It was a great way to begin the week. Pastor Bernard put it down today. Yes, I said it Pastor Bernard is my Pastor. If you didn't know I attend Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Pastor has been helping me gain real prospective on different areas of my life. The principles we learn in church are not to just stay there they are to be applied to everyday LIFE.

Two thumbs up Pastor for today's message.

We sometimes just go though life and don't even think about how God has his hand in all things. Pastor broke it down. We know God is doing things but when someone gives you a different way of looking at it it's like WOW OK so that's what this is about.

Don't take any of this LIFE here on Earth for granted. All we do here is in preparation for when we are no longer in our physical bodies.

I'm inviting all of you out there who read to come and visit. We have 3 services every Sunday 8am, 10:30am, and 1pm. Visit for more info.

I hope to see you there. God is Omnipresent
We need time to Fellowship with one another so in this year of new beginnings take a moment out and give him his due.

Ms Mil

Friday, August 29, 2008

Go Obama!!!

Hey Dudes and Divas,

Whats going on? It has been a while... I have been really crazy getting back into the swing of things. School, Work, Church... Just getting my focus on.

Missed you... Missed Me? Of course you didn't... LOL... I know I'm silly...

Obama is official NOW... Wow that is Huge news. What a historic event last night! Who watched it? Who didn't? If you didn't you suck. You should have been glued to the TV. That was a moment that be in your children's textbooks.
What you think about that...

HHHHUUUUUMMMMMM..... Wish you saw it NOW, I BET!

Michelle Obama looked nice but she still should let me dress her. She would have looked so on point everyone would have went out and got the out fit I would have had her in. I definitely would have placed her in one of the dresses below. Guess which one? You know I have Good Taste. Yes I know all of these are not for last night type of event but she can worn most of them and everyone would have went crazy!

Know whatever she wears we will be watching because her and her husband are doing bid things. Whenever you are doing more than the Average people are always watching. Just know THAT!

OK tell Me which dress speaks to U?

Ms. Mil

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life Giving Or Life Taking

Hey Dudes and Divas,

God is good. I'm back from Guatemala. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my Life.
I think everyone should go to a third world country to see how they could be of use. We need to allow God to create change through us.

Allow God to work through us we are able to see things much clearer. In being a vehicle of change you are putting the Lord's will above your own.

Guatemala was Amazing!!!!

I was truly blessed by the whole experience. I can't even begin to write about all the different places and people that I met.

We are truly Blessed and Fortunate to have ALL that we have.

Please remember to ALWAYS be thank for all you do and don't have.

I'm sorry this post is so short but God really is Good and there aren't enough words to describe.

Ms. Mil

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On Top of The World...?

Hey Dudes and Divas,

Sorry things have been really crazy lately... Did you miss me... LOL

I'm getting ready to go to Guatemala in 2 days. I'm pretty hyped about it. I'm going with my CCC my church. The youth ministry C3 is going to minister to the youth there.

Honestly I'm a little nervous but not scared or afraid. I'm looking forward to seeing what GOD will do. He is so truly AWESOME!

This is going to be very interesting. This my first trip out of the country for a Missions trip of any kind.

High Five to C3 for having the Courage and Faith to take a Stand for something as important as this.

"If you Stand for nothing You will Fall for Everything"- Unknown

OK so here is my Super Human God given Strength coming into play. I have been working 9 days straight no day off and I'm exhausted. (Oh did I mention I have 2 jobs)

I would like to apologize to everyone now for my grumpy behavior over the last couple of days. Love you all. (I will be good once I get some rest and food) LOL

I'm really just always tired and hungry. It is extremely frustrating.

This is totally random but if you would be any animal what would you be? Why? Tell me.... I'm waiting... I really want to know... I think it reveals something about the person. Some people you might feel they are that animal now. LOL. I know them too..

OK OK OK... Enough about me now for the Good Stuff... Fashion.... Enjoy!

Ms. Mil