Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey Dudes and Divas,

Well, Well, Well.... This is really for the Ladies... Sorry Dudes!

I just realized how cute these Young Dudes are. So Swexy....

Young Dudes and Fly Bags the Nu Accessories.... LOL, You heard it here first....

I'm going to give you a lil bit both right now. Tell me what you think....

These Young Men are mainly under 25. One is over 25. They are Fine. I'm not even mad at the women who have been rumored to be attached to them. I just have to get my Game up. OMGosh is is not a game... LOL!

Now on to the bags...

OH yeah New Neyo Remix "Miss. Independent" it's called "She Got Her Own"

There is a lot of Swagger in this video.

Peace, Ms. Mil

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Time & A Season

Hey Dudes and Divas,

Since turning 28 I feel so appreciative for things I have and long for the things I once had. Sometimes you realize things that mattered to you once before no longer matter.

Let me know if you have ever felt the way this song describes. This is where I am now. There is so much more to LIFE than the little stuff.

Love is a wonderful thing. It can sometimes be blind, caring, kind, and frustrating. What it should be is SELFLESS. If you realize you are being SELFISH in a relationship be it Romantic or Friends make a effort to evaluate what it is that you want in that relationship and if it is all about you then it is not really LOVE at all.

We need to begin to learn how to Love and it is not something that is not easy to Learn if you have never experienced it.

One thing that may help is to read 1 Cor 13 in the Bible. This chapter is all about Love.

Love does not Hurt! Allow your self to FEEL.

This is my therapy and I hope it helps someone else. I also realized that even though it may hurt and you maybe scared it is better to let people know how you feel. This should be done in a positive /constructive way of course, but it is something that will be able to help you grow as a person. This doesn't mean you just say whatever you feel but if you notice that someone is contently putting you in a compromising position you should let them know how you feel. We should not allow ourselves to be taken for granted. You are not a Doormat that is not LOVE.

Love is about compromise.

Think about what is important to you and if what you are doing will help you reach the end result.

Open yourself up to Life's possibilities.

Do not focus on regret for the experience or time spent on people, places or things that may no longer seem important. EVERYTHING IS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

Ms. Mil

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Been Too Long...

Hey Dudes & Divas,

Sorry, I have been gone so long... Did you Miss Me? I have had so much going on but I'm finally focused.

So, on to the things that matter. I'm so happy only a couple of more months of school. Yhay!!! I have crazy HW and mad projects. I quit my second job. It just wasn't making it with the other job and school. I never had time to study or to just do nothing. I pray things will work out though this is in the Lord's hands.

I went to a fashion career expo yesterday it was OK! I hate going to those things because the people you meet usually act like they rather be somewhere else instead of talking to you. I did speak with one great company representative. He was really nice and hopefully I hear back from him in October like he said. I would tell you the company name but I don't want any HATERS in my mix. Just know it is a really great company based in London and are branching out to NYC. Shhhhh.... if you guessed it good for you but I'm not telling until I get the job.

This laptop is just so FLY and SEXY that it is the official Upgrade. It is designed by Vivienne Tam and she debuted it this week during the Fashion Week Shows at the Bryant park tents. Her models walked down the runway carrying these. They are the new laptops to launch next Spring by HP. Vivienne Tam is the first designer to work with a software company to produce a product of any sort. It is 10" and weighs about a pound. She designed it for working women who travels. It even comes with a cute case to hold it with the same design that is on the computer. Check out http://www.tech-chic.com/ for more info.

Trust I will have one at my new Globe trotting job.

I should be applying to graduate school within the coming weeks. I thought things were crazy before.... I will only have a small break between leaving this job and studying for the GMAT's and writing essays to go with applications.

This was been a wonderful year full of so many surprises. Please know that this life is about the journey there will always be an end result. It is up to you to decide what it will be and the feeling you will have we you get to that point!

Be Loving, Be Kind, Be Happy,
Be a Better You!

Peace Ms. Mil