Friday, February 20, 2009

Rock Bottom

Hey Dudes & Divas,

Honestly, today I felt the need to post to share my thoughts on the media and their constant disrespect of what true and real journalism means. We are living in the age of exploitative journalism. The NY Post printed a cartoon that’s shows two police officers standing over the body of a dead chimpanzee that was shoot to death with the comment "Now they will have to get someone else to written there stimulus bill". This cartoon can only be taken one way and that is offensively. African Americans have for years been referred to as animals and thought to lesser than our counterparts. It is not a secret that the author of the stimulus bill was President Obama. The cartoon is something that we as African Americans should not let slide. We need to open our mouths and speak up for what is right because if we do not who will? We as a people have made too many strides in history for the NY Post or any other ignorant media outlet to make jokes at our expense and think that we are too stupid to read between the lines. Many African Americans are educated and hard working people with values and beliefs that they hold dear to them. We do not deserve to be the butt of a joke for the sake of entertainment or anyone else. The NY Post editors have played on our intelligence and the issue of race is not something to be taken lightly.

How dare they think printing the cartoon is OK and to depict our First African American President in such a negative light. The NY Post would like us to believe that the "cartoon" was not intended to be offensive but I highly doubt that everyone working at the NY Post is severely uneducated and did not know that printing that cartoon was in POOR taste. The "apology" issued completely glossed over the issue and tried to depict those speaking on the issues as wrong. Once again, in POOR taste as if what was interpreted by the cartoon was out of left field and oh so far fetched.

The NY Post # 212-930-8500. If you feel as passionately as I do about this please make your sentiment known. Call and share your opinions with those who control the many news sources not just the NY Post

Now, TMZ has violated all journalistic codes many times in the past but this time they have crossed the line. I am saddened by the media outlets that have run with the story after TMZ released the photo of Rihanna. The use of the photo is completely been a negligent act of journalism yet once again. To release the photo of a Domestic Violence victim is unconscionable. We do not know all the details of that night but only the allegations that were made. It is rude and horrible that we as Americas are so starved for information on celebrities that we would go as far as to print a photo of a woman who was visibly abused. How we judge a person whose life is under the microscope, even if they are a celebrity should not justify the use of the photo. Rihanna is still a human being and victim of a heinous crime. The publishing of the photo is a reckless attempt of reporting the facts. The photo that some felt would be fine to sell and post all over the Internet and papers was an act of excessive access. This very private photo has been used to exploit her pain and made available for people to just engage in unnecessary conversation that would not lead to anything productive to aid her during this difficult time.

There are many more pressing world issues to report. Have we become so void of compassion that domestic violence issues have become front page news in a time of great financial struggle and world suffering? Domestic Violence is/ should not be an entertainment piece.

The media continues to sink to a new low but I feel we are at ROCK BOTTOM right now.

"Watch your Thoughts they become Words
Watch your Words they become your Actions
Watch your Actions they become your Habits
Watch your Habits they become Character
Watch your Character for it becomes your Destiny"


Love your Neighbor this is the most important of the laws required of us by God.

Ms. Mil