Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend Fix!!!

Hey Dudes and Divas,

Thank you for you patience with me. I have been swamped between school, work,and my internship so much has been going on. I promise to try to update more.

Since it is officially Spring, I'm going to share some Dope spots to donate clothes and to get clothes in NY. Spring Cleaning has officially begun.

Vintage is in right now. So, I want to be sure that you have the hottest items this Spring!!!

To update your wardrobe the Recessionista Way see the info and links below:

Beacon's Closet
*Personal Favorite (You can bring in your clothes and sell to the store and buy nu clothes right on the spot)

They also offer online shopping which is unheard of! FINDS up the Wazoo!!!

New York Vintage
I know someone who went here recently and got a pair of Earnest Sewn jeans for $7. Nothing else to say....

Housing Works
Is a spectacular organization that helps those living with AIDS and help Fight Homelessness. They offer job training, health care and housing many people all though out New York City. They also sell not just clothes but also furniture for extraordinarily inexpensive prices.
So not only can you update the closet but you can upgrade the living space.

*All Housing Works profits go toward Housing Works’ services for homeless and low-income people living with AIDS.

They are opening a store this weekend in Soho and the list some of the items this store will be selling and you get a free t-shirt w/purchase tomorrow.

You can become a member and shop the sale for 1 hour prior to doors opening to the public. Click link below

More information about the Grand Opening Event click link below:

They also have a great Books that normally has a host of Free event that cater to every culture.

See link below for details

*I can not say enough about Housing Works and what they do for so many people all over NYC.

Help Someone in need while satisfying your shopping fix!

I hope to see you at Housing Works this weekend for the event!!!

Next Post Dope Deals & Events in other cities! Keep an Eye out...

Man, I have Missed You guys. Enjoy the Beautiful Weather
B True to U!!!


Ms. Mil
(Kissin the Sky)

P.S.- Housing Works has a Warehouse Brown Bag Sale twice a year where you pay $20 for a brown shopping bag and you can leave with whatever you can stuff in the bag! (unheard of)


Shean said...

U better promote inexpensive shopping in NY! Lord knows i need to become a patron of these places that give back to the community! Nice blog...keep it up :)!!

Anonymous said...

appreciative one!!
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