Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey Dudes & Divas,

This is a year of New Beginnings. Allow your style to evolve and change into the person you are becoming and not the stay where you use to be.

If it is Grown and Sexy or Boho Chic embrace it. Change is the only constant in Life and the better we are at being flexible and accepting it the more we will be blessed with.

Below are my picks for a flexible wardrobe. They seem a little bit all over the place but pick your favorites and put your twist on them to make them your own!

Ms. Mil


eclectik said...

The Orange, the first pair of shades...that blue dress and the one next to it
Everything else...feh

Ima have to put more people on to this blog so they can get their ideas on



Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I really like those pink trousers? They look not only comfortable but sexy and bright.

Good find Mil!